Flight Control : The first review to land here

4 10 2009

The Basicsflight-control-icon

Category: Game

Release Date: April 23rd 2009

Seller: Firemint

Price: 59p

Size: 11mb

Version: 1.5 (OS 3.0 Tested)

Requires: Compatible with iPhone and Ipod Touch. Required iPhone OS 2.0 or later

The Review

Released in April of 2009, Flight Control is an Application that lets you sit up in the tower and guide aircraft onto the tarmac. Despite the less than thrilling connotations that this may give, Flight Control is one of best games available for download from the App Store. I’ll admit that this is pretty bold statement, especially since this is the first review, however I am sure that I’ll have a handful of you hitting that download button by the end.


The hit game from the publisher, Firemint, utlises the touch screen technology of your iPhone/iPod Touch by basing the central gameplay around it. As the guy up in the tower, your job is to get those planes down as quickly and as safely as possible. To achieve this, the player has to select a plane by tapping it and then draw a flight path to the runway. It’s as simple as that! And this intuative method of interacting with the game, provides a solid base from which the gameplay can really flourish.

So far, you may be thinking that the game seems relatvely easy, I mean who can’t draw a couple of lines to a long grey strip? Well, you’d be wrong, because the element of difficulty is introduced when the volume of the aircraft on screen is slowly cranked up. Add to this the fact that different aircraft travel at different speeds ( you’ll soon loath helicopters) and they are required to land on certain runways. You can therefore imagine how that intially decieving one dimential gameplay and ease, soon becomes rivorting and engaging stuff.

The application ships with four different airports, each with their own unique landscape and aircraft. The different airports shouldn’t really been seen as levels because they are unlocked straight away. However each airport presents a diferent challenge to the user, for example, the royal Dutch airport features ai aircraft that draw their own flight paths. The difference between the airports adds depth to the game and extends the gameplay. The graphics are simple andIMG_0060colourful, with some nice smoke effects coming out the back of the aircraft. This game isn’t gonna work out your device but despite this, the graphics are not going to detract from the gameplay.

The rescent update to the game, that was free to all users that already owned the app, added the function to play your music during the game and select music to play before you jump into the action. The game supports local multiplayer via Bluetooth and LAN, with two players able to control two airports and pass traffic between each other. While this feature is great, I would love to see global multiplayer, allowing players across the world to share the responsiblities. I understand this would mean a serious headache for firemint, but it doesn’t stop a man from dreaming…


Overall, I think that this is a great pick up and play game, the simple controls, gameplay and interface reflect this. Firemint have worked hard on basing this game around the platform and the end result is simply stunning. At a measly 59p, this game is a steal.

Rating: Picture 1

+ Simple, pick up and play gameplay

+ Intuitive control system

+ Great game lifespan

Hard to find any, global multiplayer please?

Download Flight Control




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