Spendometer : Master your finances for free

8 10 2009

The BasicsPicture 2

Category: Finance

Release Date: February 12th 2009

Seller: HJSC Ltd

Price: Free

Size: 0.3mb

Version: 1.

Requires: Compatible with iPhone and Ipod Touch. Required iPhone OS 2.0 or later

The Review

Here at Appjudge, we love free stuff, and as you may of guessed from the title, today’s app is no exception. Spendometer from HJSC plans to help you keep hold of those purse strings, so you still have enough money for that Friday night pint with the lads.

The app is based around user simplicity and this is emphasised when you first open the app and your eyes are drawn to the giant “spendometer” dial. This dial will be the starting point fromIMG_0062which you will gauge how much of your budget you’ve burned through. As long as you keep the dial from entering the red zone, you’re good for your money- it’s as simple as that.

On your first use of the app, you’ll need to setup your budgets, and once again, the developer has approached this with simplicity in mind. You can choose between weekly and monthly budgets and then you can drill down into categories within the budget, which also can have their own sub budget. The app comes with some default catergories, such as Food & Drink, Clothes and Entertainment. However you can easily throw your own catergories into the mix. The idea of having catergories and sub budgets is a good way to see which areas you are over spending and once this is setup, all you have to do is punch in the numbers when you spend.

Another nice feature of the app, is the reports, which at the end of the week/month show how much you’ve spent on certain catergories and overall. The app also works out the amount of money you have to spend each day and lists it under the “Spendometer”. However, it should be noted that this is only a simple finance app, this isn’t going to import your bank data, sort out loans or haggle with your bank manager. The app will warn you when you go over pre set budgets but that’s as far as the help goes.

The user interface is simple and to the point, the “Spendometer” dominates the homepage of the app. There are no fancy graphics and the background is a simple blue. Although the blandIMG_0063interface may be a negative for some apps, for Spendometer, it is advantageous because this app is not to entertain but to inform. The last thing you want to see is an animated picture of a piggy bank being smashed open, when you’ve gone over on your drinking money.


Spendometer offers a simple application that tracks your finances and ensures you stick to the preset budgets. This app is ideal for the casual user and students, who need to set a weekly budget to ensure they stay within their financial limits. The Spendometer graph offers a visual gauge of how much you’ve spent and this combined with the easy layout, makes for a good, but basic, financial guide.

Rating  Picture 3

+ Easy to use and free

+ Visual aid of spendometer makes tracking finances easy

+ Weekly/monthly reports allow the user to see where money is being spend

– Basic features

– Unable to set the start day of the week





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