Tap Tap Revenge 3 : The series jumps on the social bandwagon

14 10 2009

The Basicstap tap revenge 3

Category: Game

Release Date: October 6th 2009

Seller: Tapulous, Gogo Apps

Price: 59p

Size: 9.8 mb

Version: 3.0

Requires: Compatible with iPhone and Ipod Touch. Required iPhone OS 3.0

The Review

The original game in the series, was released back in July of 2008 and it was the first game released by newly created Tapulous. Developed prior to the first iPhone SDK, the first game, then named Tap Tap Revolution, required users to jail break their device to use it. It soon become one of the most popular games on jail broken devices. Nate True, the developer, announced that on July 8th, the game would launch onto the app store as a fully fledged app, under the new name of Tap Tap Revenge.

Since then, the app has gone from success, to success, with it being downloaded over 1 million times, within the first 20 days of release. Tap Tap Revenge 2, added more bands to download, premium content theme packs and online play. So, how does the third sibling in the Tapulous family shape up…?

Tap Tap Revenge 3 immediately hits the player with a brand new interface, that makes accessing all the features of the game even easier. The fundamental guts of the app remain the same but the developers,IMG_0071have gone back to drawing board and rethought some of the aspects of the game. Such work becomes evident when you start up a track.  A timing, multiplier and track length bar make an appearance, in an attempt to give the player information in a clear manner. The app has also added in a tactical element to the game through the introduction of star tappers, that when tapped give the player the option to activate a 16 x bonus for 10 seconds.

The changes to the app also extends to the Tap Tap store, which allows users to download songs, which makes this app, one of the first to take advantage of the in app purchasing feature that was introduced with the 3.0 software. Users can download up to 100 free songs from the store, however hit songs require some of the green stuff. Furthermore the store has a featured track of the week, which allows players to download a hit song for free. Tapulous have spent time and effort to streamline the buying and downloading experience, and it shows. Each song on the Tap Tap store has a quick link to buy it on iTunes and songs can be browsed by a number of criteria, such as artist, difficulty and price. Furthermore, the store boasts tabs along the top, which makes navigating the store far easier than in the previous version.IMG_0070

On top of all these enhancements, the app also is packed with new features, such as improved online play, where player can use weapons during matches in an attempt to foil their opponents. Weapons vary from bombs, which must not be tapped, all the way to goo that temporarily covers the screen in a green jelly. The introduction of weapons has added a new depth into the gameplay, which makes for frantic online matches.

And Tapulous doesn’t stop there, they’ve also packed in some more features, such as the Quick mode, which allows players to jump into a random song for a minute and tap away. The tutorial has also been put under the spotlight, and has been totally revamped with a complete walkthrough of the game, which in comparison with the screenshot provide in Tap Tap 2, is miles ahead and far more helpful.

The defining feature of this installment of Tap Tap is the focus on the social side of playing the game. Upon opening the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to create an avatar that will be used as your image in the game and during online play. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock coins that can be used to upgrade your avatar with clothes and backgrounds. The socialIMG_0071 side of is further emphasised through the introduction of a challenge feature, that allows people to challenge each others scores on songs. A chat feature has been added, so players can send taunts to one another.

Unfortunately, it is only the challenge mode that really shines out of the social slew of features. The avatar quickly becomes nothing more than a side distraction, as there is no incentive to spend coins on upgrading your avatar because it does nothing more than change the visual look. Furthermore some of the minor bugs that plagued the last game, rear their ugly head once again. At times, the app will not display your high scores, fail to load up the tap tap store or even worse, the audio for the track will begin but no picture. This only happens in the minority, however you would think that the developer would spend a bit more time polishing the app before release.


Overall this is a solid installment of the Tap Tap series, that has added a number of good improvements. The social element could do with a bit of work, but the challenge feature is an element that works well. Apart from this, the core gameplay of the app remains pretty much the same, which makes this version of Tap Tap and the previous, so successful. Unfortunately, this version of the game, requires a 59p charge, however, the changes to the app, combined with the new set of features, makes it worth the price tag.

Rating : Picture 3

+ Same Tap Tap Goodness

+ Improvements to the game, such as an improved Tap Tap Store

+ New features, such as the challenge mode and the improved online play

– Same Tap Tap bugs

– Avatar gimmick





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