Update : News and disposable app of the month

15 10 2009

Amongst all the reviews, we thought it would be a good idea to fill you in with the current goings on in the world of apps and more…

Rope’n’Fly 2….

First thing we’re going to report on, is Rope’n’Fly 2, which is hot off the press, having being released on the 14th October 2009. What makes this item newsworthy, is the fact that existingRope'n'Fly owners of the original game (myself included), will have to purchase this new app. The developer claims that this game is not an update, but an entirely new game, because ” the character appearance used in Rope’n’Fly 1″ caused legal issues.

Personally, I am not entirely impressed, nor convinced. From the screen shots provided on the App store, the character, that caused the “legal issues” is looking pretty much the same. The developer does seem to have done some minor work on the graphics. Buildings now have windows drawn on, and you can sling across cities at different times of the day. There also seems to be a few minor add on feature and from now on, only Rope’n’Fly 2 will be receiving the free updates, the very same thing that the original game once promised.

Rope’n’Fly 2 is available for download now, from the App Store for just 59p. Despite this small price tag, I still believe that existing owners of the game, should of got a free/discounted upgrade.

FM radio capability to come to existing iPhone/ipod touch…

In other news, there is word on the electronic grapevine that Apple is working on an applicationipod_radio to bring FM radio functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch. The functionality would reportedly be similar to that found in the fifth generation ipod nano, which offers the ability pause radio and tag songs for use in iTunes.

The FM radio application is suppose to be able to work in the background, allowing the user to continue to use other service and applications on the device. It is, however, unclear if the FM feature, will be put under the ipod application or have it’s own stand alone app. The holdup to this project, is Apple figuring out a way to integrate the mobile iTunes music store, which would allow users to buy songs they hear on the application through iTunes.

The Broadcom combination Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chips used in the iPhone and iPod touch have long also had the technical capacity for FM radio reception, with the chip found in the latest ipod touch, theoretically also capable of FM radio transmission, although Apple has not as yet taken advantage of these capabilities.

Apple Release Software Update…

And to roundup the news, Apple release iPhone OS 3.1.2, which addressing several issues regarding waking from sleep, network service disruption, and crashing during video streaming. iPhone users should connect their iPhones to iTunes and click the “Check for Update” button to obtain the new version. The update is compatible with all iPhone models and weighs in at approximately 240 MB.


Disposable app of the month…

And finally, a new feature, one we’re calling disposable app of the month. Each month, we’ll search the four corners of the App Store, to bring you a special breed of app. This kind of app, is definitely worth a download, however it won’t be an app that will stay on your device for long. It’s likely it’ll hold your interest for a couple of days or so, yet still worth mentioning.

The October, Disposable App of the month is….

…SmileMaker from Kodak.

Say Cheeeeeeeeese

This quirky app from Kodak, allows you to add of cartoon smiles onto photos, and the results can be rather amusing. To begin with, you can take a photo or choose one from your existing library of photos. After that, it’s a simple as picking the smile you want, and adjust the tint, size, angle and placement of the smile. If you so wish to share your creation, the app allows you to upload straight to Facebook, Twitter or Kodak Gallery.

So if you have a spare couple of minutes, point those greasy fingers over to SmileMaker, available for absoulutly nothing on the App Store, right now.





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