I Am T-Pain : Are you ?

20 10 2009

The BasicsI'm on a boat

Category: Music

Release Date: September 3rd 2009

Seller: Chuck Inc

Price: £1.79

Size: 2.6 mb

Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Compatible with iPhone and Ipod Touch (2nd Generation). Required iPhone OS 3.0

The Review

The creatively named app, I Am T-Pain, offer the user the chance to auto tune up your voice and sound like the man himself. The app claims to utilities the same technology that rap star uses to make his albums. But will the technology translate well into a pocket size 2.6 megabyte app ? Is this simply a water downed version, or do we wield the power of T-Pain in out hands?

One of the first thing that you notice about the app, is something not that significant in theSing along context of this voice changing app, but, it struck us, how well the app was presented. From the opening image of the T-Pain silhouette, all the way to the carnvilesque fonts that have been used, this is a professionally produced application. Furthermore, to complement the look, the ease of navigation around the different sections, leaves the user with a good initial impression.

The app aims to give a chance to the average Joe, to get his voice autotuned and the app aims to achieve this in a number of ways. The app ships with a healthy dose of songs such as, I’m N Luv, I’m Spring, Kiss Kiss, Dreamgirl and Bartender. Each of these songs that ship, are packaged together with complete lyrics, in a Karoke-esk feature, where the user sings along as the words are highlighted. The app, does the main work behind the scenes, autotuning your voice as you mumble your way through. The application also takes advantage of in app purchasing, by allowing users to spend more of their dosh on additional songs, which cost 59p each,  such as,  On a boat, Tipsy and Got money, just to name a few. This additional content will extend the lifespan of the app, but at the same time, grease the pocket of the developer, so expect more songs to be made available for purchase.

The application also throws in a freestyle mode, that allows users to just ramble on and get their1234 voice autotuned up, using four different presets and different pitches. The app then lets you post your warped results up to the world wide web, with one button publishing to email, facebook and myspace.

However despite the feature set of the app, the most important factor to take into consideration when reviewing I am T-Pain is the auto tuning technology. Just how well does the technology do in altering your voice ? Well, the answer is, results vary, greatly. The app advises you to use the microphone that came integrated with the Apple headphones, and we agree. If you want to achieve any kind of results, be it good or bad, you’re gonna need the Apple headphones. Attempting to do otherwise, results in non existent alterations in your voice. When using the headphones, results do vary from great sounding alterations, all the way to minimal changes and everything in between. It is this variation, that we do not find acceptable, for an app that bases it’s self around voice alteration. This is the main function, feature, selling point…call it what you like, but the app does not fulfill this, and for this reason, it prevents it from every becoming a five star app.


The I am T-Pain set high expectations and with reasonable justification, the slick interface and the healthy array of features would lull most people into a false sense of security. Unfortunately,  these good points act as a thin veneer, that covers the major flaw in the apps fundamental function. The results from the auto tune technology are too sporadic for our liking, and until this is sorted we won’t be T- Pain

Rating  Three Star

+ Slick Interface

+ Good feature set

– Core auto tune technology is flawed

– External microphone is pretty much needed for any kind of results





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