PewPew 2 – A worthy sequel ?

20 05 2010

The Basics

Category: Games

Release Date: May 6th 2010

Seller: Jean Francois Geyelin

Price: £1.19

Size: 14.8 mb

Version: 1.0

Requires: Compatible with iPhone, Ipod Touch and iPad. Required iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

The Review

Around one year ago, the original PewPew game was released, boasting four different game modes and an online scoreboard. It was the closest thing to Geometry Wars that was available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Fast forward to 2010, and PewPew 2, is the next advancement in the series of the game, and previous Pew Pew veterans will be able to jump right into the action. The game remains largely unchanged, with the sights and sounds of the original app remaining unchanged. The graphics are retro,bright and engaging, and the framerate rarely drops, regardless of how congested the screen gets. The sci fi soundtrack, which complemented the first game so well, has been ported over to the new game as well. While all of this keeps the same flavour of the original game, I can’t help be feel that this detracts from the notion of PewPew 2 being a proper sequel.

Despite this, there are some new features, which helps justify PewPew 2 as an upgrade from the original game. One new feature is a campaign mode, which while short and lacking any sort of narrative, helps introduce some interesting gameplay features. As well as this, three new game modes have been added, new ships can be unlocked and a handful of new enemies to loath- one notable enemy, which has ended my game abruptly many times, is the snake-esque enemy.

While the new features help separate this from the original game, another thing that has remained the same, is the control system. As all iPhone and iPod Touch users know, one thing that can hamper many games on this platform, is controls that are implemented. PewPew2 and the original game shines in this often overlooked area, with the use of two rotatable controls on either side of the screen. One controls the direction of your ship, and the other, the direction of the fire, and it works almost flawlessly.


For newcomers to the series, we highly recommend that you try the original game, Pew Pew, which is availble for free, before you consider buying the second game.

Click here to download Pew Pew

In terms of an upgrade from the original game, this is more of a PewPew 1.5, than a proper sequel, and as such, I believe that the price tag should reflect this, with a low price. Despite this, the gameplay is simple but addictive and the graphics and sounds complement the game perfectly. The medal system and campaign add reply value to the app, ensuring that you continue to point your finger towards PewPew 2.

Rating :

+ Great Gameplay

+ Sights and Sounds of the original game

+ Controls which work

– Not much in terms of a ‘true’ sequel to the original game




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