Runkeeper- Run Fatboy Run

25 05 2010

The Basics

Category: Health and Fitness

Release Date: 26th April 2010

Seller: Runkeeper, LLC

Price: Free ad supported version and Paid £5.99

Size: 1.7 mb


Requires: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later) Please note that we don’t think this app is intended for iPod Touch- since the app requires a constant GPS signal to track your run. Furthermore- we can’t imagine anyone running with an iPad.

Recommended: Works best when linked with a free account at

The Review

We all wish we were fit and healthy, however, in the 21st century, with so many distractions and hectic lifestyles, the sofa often becomes a safe haven for many people. Runkeeper aims to change this, and get us outside and pounding the pavement on a regular basis. The app uses GPS to track you as your run, so iPod Touch users, I’m sorry but, this app is only for iPhone owners. It comes in two versions, one free, ad supported version and the other paid, with some extra features. We’ll be covering both in this review.

Simplicity is Runkeeper’s strong point; to start a run, simply open the app and tap ‘Start” and then ‘Start activity.’ The app uses a traffic light system to symbolises how strong your GPS signal is before you begin a run, with red being poor or no signal, yellow being okay and green representing a strong lock on. I have used the app on weekly basis, in an area where phone reception isn’t great, with most runs starting with the yellow signal, and the app still tracks my run extremely accurately.

The Pro version adds a number of features in an attempt to get you to stump up £6. One of the main marketed features of the Pro Runkeeper, is audio cues, in which the app will inform you of your time, distance and if you set it up, a target pace. Furthermore, £6 will get you ipod integration, allowing you to change your track on the run. All of these, are unnecessary luxuries- with the free version, you can set your music up before you run and the ability to change your track using the free version will become a reality with the introduction of multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0. As for audio cues, this seems to be the only feature, which can be seen as a worthy differentiating factor between the free and paid versions of the app.

One pointless feature included in the paid version, is Geo tagged photos, because the camera on the iPhone isn’t particularly great, so trying to take a photo, while running? Well, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what the results would be like. Overall, I don’t see how they can justify the £6 price tag of the pro version.

As mentioned above, the app only really comes into it’s own, when linked with a free account at From the website, you can view runs that you have uploaded from the app, alongside a google map with your run and stats such as pace, average speed and time. The website allows you to publish your runs on both Facebook and Twitter, so your friends can track your progress. Another social aspect of the site is a feature called ‘Street Teams’ in which you find fellow runkeeper users based on location, and then form groups and run together.


Overall this is a great app for begginners and professional runners alike. The notion that one can slip their phone into their pocket and go for run is enough to entice most people to start doing some activity. Despite this, I can not recommend the paid app, simply because the price is too high and there isn’t enough features to seperate it from the free version.

Rating :

+ Simplicity- two buttons and you’re ready to run

+ Accurate GPS tracking

+ Extra features when linked with the website

– Paid version is overpriced and lacking in quality features

Click here for paid version




2 responses

18 06 2010

Wow this sounds really good. Maby too good. But its worth a shot. Thanks

18 06 2010

I strongly recommend trying the free version out first. Unless you are a full time runner, there is no need for the paid version.

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