News Update: Missing prototypes, the official twitter app surfaces and more…

29 05 2010

The story of the missing iPhone 4G prototypes

Apple, once well known for keeping their products secret until launch, have had problems keeping the new iPhone under wraps. It all started when, an Apple engineer, Gray Powell, left an iPhone 4G prototype in a bar. The phone was then found and sold onto tech blog, Gizmodo for a reported sum of $5000. While the police investigation into the first blunder continues, another iPhone has surfaced in Vietnam. To top things off, a white faceplate, for what looks like the new iPhone has appeared as well, suggesting that Apple will continue the tradition of providing a white and black model of the iPhone- the difference being this year, the white iPhone will have a matching faceplate to complement the back of the device.

Twitter gets an official app

Twitter recently acquired Tweetie 2 and have since made minor modifications and rereleased it as the official Twitter app for the iPhone. This was an interesting move from the Twitter team because rather than build their own app, like facebook, they’ve bought, arguably the best, Twitter client for the iPhone. Furthermore, they have yet to release an iPad version of the app, which has led some to believe that they may be living that format for other clients. The reality may be that they are working on the iPad application as we speak, only time will tell. But one does have to ask, does the Twitter app- available for free, here, make other Twitter clients redundant?

Site Update

Since the revival of the site, we have covered two apps, Runkeeper and PewPew 2, and we don’t intend to stop there. We are continuing to work on bringing the site back up to date, with revamps to the Flight Control review- since we first published the review, Firemint have gone live with an iPad version and a slightly update iPhone and iPod Touch app. We also have a few articles that are underway, one covering iPhone OS 4.0 and the other based on my initial thoughts on the iPad. And apart from that, you can of course expect, more reviews of apps.

Disposable App of the month

It’s been quite some time since the last disposable app of the month- in case you don’t know, the premise is simple. We search the appstore for apps, which are worth downloading and trying, but are unlikely to remain on your idevice for any lengthy period of time. This month’s app is, Layar.

Layar, takes advantage of augmented reality technology, which basically utilises a device’s camera, to then overlay information on top of this. The app has a number of layer which you can apply, such as wikipedia, Twitter, Google local search and Foursquare, just to name a few. Applying the Twitter layer, will for example, show the location of nearby tweets, while the wikipedia layer, will overlay information on important landmarks and buildings. This app is worth a try, if only to view this interesting technology, which could one day be integrated into other services.

Please note- for the augmented reality browser in Layar, the app requires you to have an iPhone 3GS, since this feature makes uses of the compass, accelerometer and camera. iPod Touch and iPad users can still download and use the app, however, they will not be able to use the augmented reality browser feature.




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