Updated: Flight Control Review

2 06 2010

Back in 4th of October 2009, we covered Flight Control as our first review. The app can be seen as the original lining drawing game, as it utilises the iPhones multi-touch capacitive screen to bring a unique genre of game to the AppStore. Since then, a multitude of similar games have cropped up, such as Harbourmaster, however none, have come close to perfecting the genre as well as Flight Control did.

Since our first review, Firemint have been busy, enhancing the well loved iPhone and iPod Touch, and releasing Flight Control HD, for the iPad. Let’s take a look at what’s changed…

Flight Control

The first thing you’ll notice about the game, is that the graphics have been enhanced. While, they aren’t significantly different than before, some details are prominent. Such as, the increased contrast, the improved level of detail and the generally brighter graphics.

Also, since the review, the ability to play your own music has been added and this is handled through an Apple A.P.I which allows the user to select from individual songs, albums and all the way to playlists, to create a suitable soundtrack to the aircraft carnage that is about to ensue.

The final update to the app, is the introduction of a new airport, and as veteran Flight control users know, each airport has it’s own unique characteristics, and this one is no different. The new location plonks the user in a snow covered Alpine setting, with two sets of runways. Throughout the course of the game, wind direction will change and this means the closure of one or more runways. As the sole air traffic controller, your job will not only encompass landing planes and avoiding collisions , but also redirecting aircraft to available runways, when the wind decides to close a landing site. Overall, the introduction of this new airport is welcome and adds a sense of diversity to a game with a simple premise.

Conclusion :

No change to the overall rating of the app. It is nice to see a developer continue to support a popular application with free updates. As I stated in the original review, it would be nice to see global multiplayer, rather than just local- over WiFi and Bluetooth, however this could change with the introduction of iPhone OS 4.0.

Flight Control HD

The iPad version of the game features many characteristics with the updated iPhone/iPod Touch game, such as the graphics and the new airport. However, what sets this apart, is how the developer, Firemint, has taken advantage of the larger screen, by providing multiplayer using one device. The screen is split in half and two players can enjoy Flight Control without the need for a second device. As well as this, if your friend has Flight Control on their iPhone or iPod Touch, you can play across the two devices. You get the sense that the multiplayer element is at the heart of Flight Control HD, and the way that Firemint have implemented it, makes the application, once again, the benchmark for all other lining draw apps.

The game also boasts 8 different airports, which include the set from the original app and 3 in HD. Firemint have also added in ‘improved lining drawing’, by allowing users to draw a line, and then later continue you it from it’s end ‘node’.

Conclusion :

Firemint have clearly thought long and hard about how they were going to take advantage of the iPad, and it shows in this worthy sibling of the original Flight Control application. The fact alone, that you can use multiplayer on one device is enough to sell the app. The app looks beautiful, is just as good to play as the original game, and priced competitively.

To see the original Flight Control Review, Click Here.

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Screenshots are from Flight Control HD




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