A quick thank you.

3 06 2010

Thank you for those who visit the site on a daily basis

Thank you for those who have commented and left kind words

Thank you for those who have added this blog to their blogroll

This site would not be possible without you.

You can now follow appjudge on Twitter! – http://twitter.com/appjudge_wp.  If you have any comments, tips, suggestions or improvements, of course, email me at, tomwbagshaw@gmail.com.




2 responses

5 06 2010

Omg you just made my day. I was wondering when the new os is coming out and now i finally know aaah i cant wait! enjoy your day!

5 06 2010

You’re welcome. But as I said in 4.0 post, it’s a just a strong presumption that the new OS will be out on the 7th of July. Most people, and tech blogs expect Apple to reveal, and start shipping the new iPhone at the WWDC conference, which is on the 7th of July- so it’s only logical that the new OS would be launched as well.

I personally can’t wait for multitasking, and the game centre feature has intrigued me as well.

Thanks for your comment

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