Time to prepare for iOS 4

18 06 2010

The 21st of June will beckon in the new iteration of Apple’s smartphone operating system, iOS 4. The update brings with it multitasking, folders, Gamescenter and much more- if you’re interested in finding out the key features of the new OS, click here. So, I will be covering how to prepare your device for the upgrade, and if, your precious i Device is eligible for the iOS 4 experience at all.

1) Restore your device- If you have the time, restore your device, by connecting it to iTunes and hitting the restore button. This effectively wipes the system clean, and those who have had a device for awhile, may notice a slight speed increase after the restore.

2) Download the new version of iTunes (version 9.2) from the Apple website here. The new update brings iOS 4 compatibility, improved syncing, and iBooks. You need this version of iTunes to update to the new software.

3) Backup- It is important before you perform any software upgrade to back up all your data, using the built in iTunes facility.

4) Calibrate your battery- Over time the battery indicator on your iDevice will become less accurate. To fix this, fully charge the device, and then fully drain it, in one cycle. This will recalibrate your battery, giving you more accurate read outs.

5) Download- On the day, plug in your device and go on to iTunes, and click, ‘Check for software update.’ The software will then download- enjoy.

Compatibility- Find out if your device is compatible with the new iOS 4 update. Note that this year, the update is FREE for all users- iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In the past Apple use to charge iPod Touch users a fee to update.

iPad Owners – You will receive the 4 OS upgrade in September. Expect further OS enhancements specifically tailored towards the device.

iPhone 4 Owners – The device will come with the 4 OS already on it- you will have the full experience of iOS 4 at the highest speeds.

iPhone 3GS Owners and third generaton iPod Touch owners (32gb and 64gb from late 2009)– You will receive the full 4.0 experience when released 21st of June

iPhone 3G Owners and second generation iPod Touch owners (late 2008)– You will receive a cut down version of the 4 experience- no multitasking for you

iPhone G1 and G2 and first generation iPod Touch ownersSorry, no upgrade to 4 for you. You are now part of a dwindling few who still have the original devices- if you have one, lets hear about it in the comments.

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1 07 2010
9 07 2010

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