Updated: I am T-Pain

4 07 2010

The Basics

Category: Music

Release Date: September 3rd 2009

Seller: Chuck Inc

Price: £1.79

Size: 6.9 mb

Version: 1.5.0

Requires: Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (2nd Generation). Required iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later

The Review

Back in October of 2009, I reviewed the first iteration of the I am T-Pain, a unique application that changed your voice to sound similar to that of T-Pain. While there are other voice changing applications on the Appstore, none of them utilise the auto tune technology that powers the I am T-Pain app. The app combined a professional and stylised user interface, with a unique technology, however the end results varied greatly, and therefore the app received an average three stars out of five. Since then, the good folks over at Smule have been working hard on the next version of the app, with features that would take advantage of the new iPhone 4, while at the same time not excluding 3GS users. Fast forward to the present day and the I am T-Pain app has been updated to version 1.5, with video camera support and a number of other features and improvements that are designed to entice new users to the app.

The excellent user interface of the original version has been retained and extended to the new features. The care and attention that has gone into the presentation of this app is more than evident when you are presented with a suitably stylised gold globe, from which you can view and hear other people’s autotuned work. The user interface encourages you to use the app and experiment with the technology. As a result, from setup, to recording, to playback, the whole process is encapsulated within a  stylish and fun environment

A major new feature of the I am T-Pain app is the ability to not only record your voice in all its’ autotuned goodness, but now you can also add video, turning your sound clip into a music video. The app supports both iPhone 4 and 3GS users, the only difference being that iPhone 4 users have the luxury of choosing whether they film from the inward or outward facing camera. Once you’re done, the finished masterpiece can be uploaded to facebook,myspace, email and Smule’s Sonic Network. Furthermore, Smule have launched a competition, called T-Pain this!, in which users are encouraged to share their T-Pain creations with the rest of the world. Each week the entrant with the most creative video will receive an iPod touch.  After eight weeks, a grand prize winner will be announced and that winner will receive either an iPad, or a personally autographed glossy 8X10 colour photograph of Smule’s co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Smith. For those interested, the contest rules are available here.

The app comes with a number of tracks from T-Pain’s catalogue, such as Kiss Kiss, Bartender and Dreamgirl. Other tracks such as I’m on a boat, are available for purchase through the app for 59p each. Each of the tracks are an instrumental version, meaning that you can record a tune without the fear of being drowned out by the actual singer. As you play through a track, the words are highlighted in a karaoke style, although I advice that you only pick songs that you know, since trying to sing a song off the cuff, is extremely hard, since there is no sense of timing. Another welcomed feature in this version, is the ability to use music from your on board library, as music to sing along to. However, the app doesn’t display lyrics regardless of whether your selected song does have them or not, and for the time being, video recording with your own tracks is not available.

In my original review I criticised the effectiveness of the autotune technology, since I believed that the results that it produced were too sporadic. However, the app now displays tips to ensure that you get the best results from it and while the app can work without the Apple headphones and microphone, for the best and most consistent results, it really is mandatory. As stated in the tips on the app- merely talking or rapping into the microphone will not produce satisfactory results. I found that long, drawn out singing produced the best – and when the app works, it works like a charm. Simply by elongating your singing and words, you can end up with some great results. However, more importantly, the app is fun to use and it can be a group activity as well.

Conclusion: This is a major update, that introduces a number of new features that extends the apps functionality, while not detracting from the excellent user interface or the main function of the app. The new video feature adds a new depth to the application, and this combined with the other features, such as the ability to use music from your iTunes library, makes this a guilty pleasure that any person with musical inclinations will find hard to resist.

Original Rating :

To see the original review, click here

New Rating :

+ New video feature

+ Slick interface

+ Improved feature set

– Still would like to see an improvement in the autotune technology

– Minor improvements such as, lyric importing and video recording for songs from the iTunes library

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19 07 2010
tjana pengar online

Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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