Welcome to the support the page, while reviewing and playing with apps is fun, it’s also good to learn tips and tricks so you can squeeze the best of that apple goodness out of your device.

The Basics

How to screenshot…

Originally intended for developers to screenshot their applications in action for the pictures on App store, this hidden feature can be used by anyone. This requires no hacks, your device doesn’t need to be jail broken and the pictures are saved under the photos section on your device and then transfered back to your computer when you sync with iTunes.

1. Hold down the power button, on top of the device.

2. While holding the power button, hit the home button. If done correctly, you should hear the camera shutter sound.

3. To access your screenshot, head over to the photos section and look under the camera roll. Your screenshot should be here.

4. Sync your device and the screenshot will transfer like a photo onto your computer.

How to turn Caps Lock on…

By default, the caps lock feature is set to off, which we think is a shame, since it’s a handy tool that speeds up text input.


1. Go to the settings page on your device.

2. Tap the “General” section

3.  Tap the “Keyboard” section

4. Turn the “Enable Caps Lock” option ON

5. Now when inputting text, double tap the Shift icon and it should turn blue. This indicates that Caps Lock is on. Tap the shift key again to turn it off.

How to uninstall an app…

One way to do this, is through iTunes on your computer, however for this tutorial, we’re focusing on how to remove apps while on your device.

1. Find the app that you want to remove, and press and hold on the icon. Rather than openIMG_0067the app, all the apps on the page should jiggle about with the “X”s on top left of each icon. (Please note that on the screnshot, the apps aren’t jiggling because it’s hard to capture in a picture)

2. Hit the “X” above the app that you want to delete. A notification will then appear, confirming that you want to remove the app from your device.

3.  Press “Okay” and another notification will ask you to rate the app, you don’t have to do this, either way the app will be removed after this.

4. The app is now removed from your device. The app may still appear under the applications in your iTunes library, however it will not sync to your device. If you want to remove the app from your iTunes library, just select the app and hit the return key.

The Support page will be updated with more content in the coming weeks, keep your eye’s peeled for announcements on the main page. If you would like to provide any support, ideas or thoughts, send them to the usual address –


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